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Healing Lessons from a War Zone


How Can I Stand It? Processing Your Loss and Grief

Coping with grief can be tough but there are ways to heal.

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Bullet Proof Faith

Sergeant Jeff Struecker relives his time in war during The Black Hawk Down devastation.

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Free Your Mind by Seeing "Free the Mind"

The brain’s first job is to protect us from danger. Sometimes it gets overloaded and fear takes up residence in our bodies. Trauma afflicts and limits. How can we understand these phenomena? How can we free ourselves from the negative effects of trauma? These questions are explored in the new film, “Free the Mind” by acclaimed Danish filmmaker, Phie Ambo.

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Recovering from Moral Injury after War

Excerpt from the book Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War discusses how moral injury is not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but often overlaps with it.

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They Go Hungry So The Animals Can Eat

Laura Simpson tells the stories of those who put the lives of animals above their own.

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Great Americans: Bridges To Healing


Great Americans: Bridges To Healing

Countless veterans continue to return from combat even as this is being written. Most return without substantial physical injury, but not all injuries are visible. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects inumerable members of our military and doesn't get better with time. Untreated PTSD can grow far worse, even to the point of suicide. Military Ministry is actively reaching out to those suffering from PTSD; see what you can do as well.

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