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Prayer Parodies

Here they are. Hilarious prayer parodies that respect the sanctity of prayer, yet aren't afraid to be irreverent. Find joke prayers right here and get ready to laugh!

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Prayers With a Smile

You need prayers that make you happy. God loves to see you looking on the bright side. Enjoy these prayers with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

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What is Prayer? Beliefnet offers advice on how to pray, different types of prayer and other daily devotional and prayer resources.

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Prayers for Every Challenge

Are you reaching out for help with your struggles? We can help. Here are prayers for every challenge to bring your situation to a better place.

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Forgiveness Scripture Truths

Christy Johnson's book Love Junkies, can do just that. One of the many things women must do when in a relationship is forgive. Here are 12 forgiveness scriptures truths to help guide you on your road to forgiveness.

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Answered Prayers

What's the best way to have answered prayers come your way? Pray with heart and soul, praise God, and trust in His promise. Here's 7 prayers to use when you want answers only He can provide.

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Praying Out Loud Isn’t So Hard – 3 Simple Tips

Public speaking is known as the #1 fear among people today. (Snakes are #2. Death is #3.) Though we don’t know have the stats, we’re pretty sure that public praying is a common fear too. But praying out loud isn’t so hard when you learn a few simple tips.

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Prayers for Guidance

Lost or simply enjoying the journey? Either way, you need prayer. Here is a collection of 10 inspirational prayers for guidance to help you find your way. Follow the good Lord's path and walk in His footsteps.

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Positive Prayer

There are times when you need a positive prayer. A life-affirming, joy-inducing, praise-giving prayer. Here's 10 positive prayers inspired by our friend Reverend Christopher Ian Chenoweth whose prayer ministry is dedicated to uplifting and helping people of all faiths. It works for us and we're sure it will work for you too!

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What is My Purpose?

When you ask "What is my purpose?" you're really questioning whether your lifestyle is good enough, brave enough, and bold enough. We're taking a fresh new look at how to find your purpose in life and put it to use for the greater good, and your personal benefit.

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