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Prayer Parodies

Here they are. Hilarious prayer parodies that respect the sanctity of prayer, yet aren't afraid to be irreverent. Find joke prayers right here and get ready to laugh!

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Prayers With a Smile

You need prayers that make you happy. God loves to see you looking on the bright side. Enjoy these prayers with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

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Winning Arguments with Respect and Honor

How important is winning? When you feel 100% sure you're right, do you still need to change the mind and heart of someone who thinks you're wrong? Here's sound advice on winning arguments with respect and honor. Find out how to get your point across gently without frustration. Learn how to turn arguments into a respectful conversation where everyone is a winner.

Related Topics: Prayables, Faith, Winning, Arguments

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Prayers for Every Challenge

Are you reaching out for help with your struggles? We can help. Here are prayers for every challenge to bring your situation to a better place.

Related Topics: Prayables, Prayers, Inspirational Prayers, Challenges Prayers

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Cute Quotes

Cute quotes are fun to read and inspirational too! Here's 12 adorable quotes on cute to make you smile and brighten your day.

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Making Decisions Without Hesitation

Are you in the habit of answering reasonable requests with "Well see"? Many people are annoyingly evasive about making even the simplest commitment. "Want to meet me for coffee on Tuesday?" We'll see. "How about fish for dinner?" We'll see. Why do some people avoid making decisions and insist on leaving you hanging? Here's common reasons why there's unnecessary hesitation, and good advice on changing the way you make decisions.

Related Topics: Prayables, Making Decisions, Motivation, Motivational Tips

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5 Good Reasons Religion is Here to Stay

Tired of hearing the self- righteous moan and groan about the religious morals of young people today? Or maybe you’re one of the many good folks who are worried about the next generation’s ability to keep religion alive. Worry no more. There’s a spiritual revolution happening and it’s keeping the flames of faith burning. But it’s different than what you’re used to. We’ll explain and share 5 good reasons religion is here to stay.

Related Topics: Prayables, Nones, Religion, Future Of The Church

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Maybe Thoughts for People With Definite Faith

Are there times when you are 100% definitely sure of a "maybe"? We thought so. That's why we put together a list of soul-stirring inspiration with maybe thoughts for people with definite faith.

Related Topics: Prayables, Inspirational Words, Definite Awareness

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13 Weird & Wonderful Thoughts About God

Get ready for 13 weird & wonderful thoughts about God. You'll love this gallery of thoughts about God that every one of us has, but doesn't know it.

Related Topics: Prayables, Quotes, God Quotes, Thoughts About God

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12 Legendary Life Lessons

Here's 12 legendary life lessons you don't want to miss. "I've learned..."

Related Topics: Prayables, Faith, Life Lessons, Ive Learned Ive

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