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Sending Blessings From Afar

Use this simple exercise to send a healing intention.

Related Topics: Healing, Breath, Person Youve, Lotus Posture, Intention, Posture, Person Youre, Healing Intention, Person, Intentions Focus


Unlocking the Prison of the Mind

A former child chess prodigy, burned out and alienated, learned wholeness from a humble Tai Chi master.

Related Topics: Cerebral Bubble, Practice, Mind, Teaching Style, Holistic Living, Child Learning, Chess, Posture, Natural Breathing Patterns, Imperfect Breath Patterns


Yoga for Couch Potatoes

The key to doing yoga is breath and alignment -- not a perfect body.

Related Topics: Breath, Abdominal Muscles, Ujjayi Breath, Everyday Situations, Breathing Exercise, Yoga Practice, Posture, Alignment, Head


Why Not Me?

How accepting illness as part of life helped me be the support my family needed.

Related Topics: Violence, People Dealing, Ndash, Therapist Getting Lung, Natural Freak Twists, Life, Family, Posture, Getting Lung Cancer, Brothers Voice Message


You Can Become a
Virgin Again

Virginity means more than sexual inexperience. It also means a childlike heart that, once lost, can be found anew.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Virginity, Posture, Stripping Reality, Familiarity, Real Love, Experience, Background Experience, Childs Heart, Virgin, Marriage Bed


How to Do Yoga With Your Soul

If you do yoga postures correctly (no cheating allowed), the practice can bring you closer to God.

Related Topics: Light, Mind, How To Yoga, Yoga Postures, Asana, Holistic Living, Posture, Spiritual Discipline, Special Spiritual Discipline, Body, Right Intention, Spiritual Practice


Mass Confusion

With chaos in the pews and on the altar, Catholic Mass gestures and postures are in dire need of uniformity.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Catholics, Posture, Mass, Liturgically Colored Outer Vestment, Hand, Diocesan Bishop Authority, Traditionalists Counter, Communion, Liturgy Theorists, Dioceses Liturgy Office


Christian Yoga

In her new book, an Episcopal priest explains how yoga can help Christians feel physically closer to God.

Related Topics: Nancy Roth, Light, Practice, God, Posture, Spiritual Path, Yoga Positions, Adult Education Yoga, Intellectual American Atheists

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