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Latter-day Saints

Beliefnet presents Latter-day Saints or Mormon news, mormon culture features, mormon facts, video and more. If you've ever asked "what is mormonism?" or "what do mormons believe" then you are in the right place!

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Joe and Wives


Life in a Polygamous Marriage

What's life like for one man, his wives, and their 24 children?

Related Topics: Polygamy, Marriage, Christianity, Jesus, Wives, Husbands, Mormon, Children, Parenting, Family


What Do Mormons Believe?

Answers to your frequently asked questions about the Latter-day Saints

Related Topics: Faiths, Polygamy, Wear Special Garments, Latter Day Saints, Special Undergarments, Church, Plural Marriage, Mormons, Inspired Document, Churchs Prophet, Mormon, Human Race


A Second Wife's Tale

A woman who spent 33 years in a plural marriage describes why she supports polygamy but opposes the sect leader Warren Jeffs.

Related Topics: Faiths, Consenting Adults, Arranging Marriages, Term Fundamentalist, Polygamy, Latter Day Saints, Fundamentalist Groups, Church, Plural Marriage, Fundamentalist, Live Plural Marriage, Marriage


Big Challenges of 'Big Love'

HBO's series about polygamists gets a lot wrong--but its superb storytelling wrestles with love and its darker side.

Related Topics: Polygamy, Sexual Content, Generation Descendant, Superb Storytelling Wrestles, Character, Polygamist, Real Polygamist Enclave, Non Mormon Audience Members, Mormons, Entertainment, Mormon


Other Notable Books of the Year

In addition to Beliefnet's Book of the Year 2003, we offer a few other notable and important reads of 2003

Related Topics: Entertainment, Books, Theological, Christians, Title Citys Underworld, Religion, Selling Gods Secretaries, Primetime Special, Photographs, Polygamy Charges, Polygamy, Noir Ish Tour


Who Are the Mormons?

Basic history, beliefs, and membership figures for adherents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Related Topics: Faiths, Football Player, Literal Sense, Polygamy, Membership Figures, Latter Day Saints, Church, Saints, Missionaries, Firstborn Spirit Child, Marriage, Mormon


Homosexuality Is A Religious Sin, Not An Ethical One

Fighting gay sex--or even homosexual unions--only distracts from making straight marriage better

Related Topics: Gay Marriage, Gay Sex, Religious Sin, Polygamy, Sex, Gay, Heterosexual Marriage, Gay Men, Marriage, Anal Sex, News

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