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Should Preachers Like Mike Huckabee Run for Public Office?

A Unitarian minister says Americans have always been wary of electing 'reverend politicians,' and for good reason.

Related Topics: Democratic Principles, Church-State Separation, President, Modern Reverend Politicians, Politician, Public Office, Reverend Politicians Stems, Office, Politics, Reverend Politicians, Government, News


FAQ: John Kerry and Catholic Communion

Understanding Catholic Communion--and why bishops are worried about America's first Catholic, pro-choice candidate.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic Leaders Fear, Politician, Bishops Criticism, Pro Choice, Remote Material Cooperation, Pro Choice Politicians, Church Police, Communion, Capital Punishment, Catholic


Just Another Politically Homeless Catholic

I don't agree with all church teachings, but my Catholic faith informs my views on war, abortion, and poverty. So how do I vote?

Related Topics: Democracy, National Security, Teaching, Politician, Oral Sex, Politics, Mass Destruction, Social Programs, War, Position, Church Teachings, News


Bishop Bans Pro-Choice Voters From Communion

Colorado Springs bishop says Catholics who vote for pro-choice, pro-gay marriage pols 'jeopardize their salvation.'

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholics, Political Candidate Place, Politician, Pro Gay Marriage Pols, Political, Instructions Echo, Abortion Rights, Sin, Catholic, Influential Moderate Voice


By Their Fruits

How to be a Catholic president in the 21st century.

Related Topics: News, Politics, Church, Catholics, Religious Convictions, Catholic, Birth Control, Churchs Positions, Politician, President End, Abortion, Churchs Theology


Not Just Any Catholic

If John Kerry becomes the Democratic nominee, how will his liberal views on social issues sit with the Catholic Church?

Related Topics: Faiths, Marriage, Politician, Gay Marriage, Capital Punishment, Any Catholic If John Kerry, Same-Sex Marriage, Catholic, Liberal Views, Social Issues, Bishop


Vatican: Pope May Preach Christian Values to Haider

Right-wing Austrian politician tells Italian newspaper the church shares his concern over Muslim immigrants.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Politician, Parties Attention, Haider, Torchlight Marches, Vatican City, Brass Band, Joerg Haider, Vatican, Church Shares, Austrian Politician

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