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Remember Me

Author Linda Ellis shares an inspiring poem of hope for anyone who's lost someone they love.

Related Topics: Grief, Grief And Loss, Loss, Death, Bereavement, Poem, Poetry

Bring the Sacred into Everyday


Love's Voice: Kabbalistic Haikus

Read haikus that bring the understanding of kabbalah into poetry.

Related Topics: Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism, Haiku, Poetry, Poem, Judaism


Mary Karr: Guided by Prayer

Poet Mary Karr speaks to Beliefnet about her journey from heavy drinking & cynicism to a Catholic Church that embraces sinners.

Related Topics: Faiths, Im, Started Praying, Biopsy, Stress Hormone Levels, Church, God, Poem, Dont, Title Poem, Dark Spiritual Time, Catholic


The Soul and the Snow

Orhan Pamuk's masterful 'Snow' reads like a political adventure, a meditation on poetry, and a preemptive prophecy.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Books, Poem, Ka, Preemptive Prophecy, Political Adventure, Snow, Life Narrative Meaning, Secret Religious Conversion, Kas, Books Intimations, Political


Whose 'Footprints' Is It?

Profits from the beloved inspirational poem 'Footprints' number in the millions. The purported authors number in the hundreds.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Books, Footprints, Powers, Poem, Purported Authors, Nervous Breakdown, Wedding Album, Carty, Copyright Registration Doesnt, Paw Prints, Version


Fall in Love the Rumi Way

Intimacy with other people and with the divine is more about friendship--and hard work--than romance.

Related Topics: Rumi, Love, Culture, Popular Culture, Holistic Living, Religion, Lines There Sometimes, Raunchy Love Poems, Sacred Texts, Poem, Love Song


Chat Transcript: Coleman Barks on Rumi

The translator discusses his movie cameo, the heart of Rumi's message, and whether whirling makes him dizzy.

Related Topics: Holistic Living, Rumi, Poetry, Coleman Barks, Poem, Translation, Live Poetry Readings, Particular Favorite Poem, Passionate Love Poems, Rumis, Verse Poems


Rumi: A Passionate Heart Still Beats

What is it about this 13th-century mystic that has everyone from Hollywood stars to small-town Christians talking?

Related Topics: Rumi, World, Organized Religion, Holistic Living, Popular Whirling Dervish, Religion, Organized Religions Lack, Poem, Television Series, Preceding Poem, Rumis


The Path to a Poem: Commemorating My Girlfriend's Ordination

I was hostile to Christianity, but it meant so much to my girlfriend. Then I heard her preach, and it led me to write this poem.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Christianity, Life, Anti Racism Group, Anti Racism, Ordination Ceremony, Poem, Angular Brick Church, Knife Digging, Pain, Ordination

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