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Your Hajj Starter Kit

So you’re thinking of going on the Hajj? Preparing for it can be a challenge, but this basic list will break it down for you.

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Required: No Fear Attitude

Stoning the three pillars is a daunting Hajj ritual--but one pilgrim explains how it's all about being on a spiritual high.

Related Topics: Faiths, Muslims, Islam, Pilgrim, Spiritual Ways, Free Standing Stone Walls, Pillar, Stricter Safety Measures, Top Level, Hajj, Hajj City, Fear Attitude


Off We Go to Mecca

Why not fulfill a religious obligation and earn a free airline ticket in the process?

Related Topics: Faiths, Sacred House, Wear Regular Clothes, Tent City, Islam, Pilgrim, Holy City, God, Dawn Prayer, Hajj, Prophet


Hajj Rituals Continue After 35 Die

Saudi officials blame Muslim pilgrim's impatience for stampede; known dead from Pakistan, India and Egypt.

Related Topics: News, Pilgrim, Annual Pilgrimage, Stoning, Tent City, Pilgrims Impatience, Stampede, Civil Defense Chief, Victims Nationalities, Hajj, Seamless White Robes


Two Million Muslims Converge on Mecca for Pilgrimage

Muslims flood Mecca for the annual pilgrimage. Saudi officials say security measures have been enhanced.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Muslims, Security Measures, Pilgrim, Annual Pilgrimage, Saudi Hajj Authorities, Seamless White Cloth, Mecca, Pilgrimage, Security Incidents, Pilgrims Tents


Kumbh Mela Draws to an End

After some 70 million Hindus gathered at the Kumbh Mela to take the spiritual dip, the world's largest festival comes to a close

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, River, Dip, Holy Men, River Bank, Western Indian Earthquake, Hindus, River Bank Cities, Hand Spun Cotton Clothes, Pilgrim, Hand Made Cotton Shirt


Saints, Pilgrims, Awestruck Tourists Drawn to India's Kumbh Mela

Up to 70 million are expected for the 42-day Hindu festival, being called the greatest human gathering in recorded history.

Related Topics: Faiths, Single Music Festival, Human Gathering, Temples Construction, Sporting Marigold Garlands, Recorded History, Pilgrim, Internet Websites, Hindu, Temple, Temple Campaign, Hinduism


Pope Welcomes 600,000 Young Pilgrims to World Youth Day

Some 1.2 million young people are expected in Rome by Sunday, when a papal mass will end the celebration

Related Topics: Young Pilgrims, Italian Bishops Conference, Papal Mass, Holy Doors, Pilgrim, Celebration, Popes Route, Young People, Pope, Countries, News

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