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Is it becoming too dangerous to be a Christian?

Britain’s Prince Charles worries that Christians in the Middle East are facing extinction as Open Doors announces a record tally worldwide of believers dying for their faith in Jesus.

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Why Would the VA Ban Kids from Singing to America’s Military Heroes?

Two members of Congress want answers to numerous reports that Christian-themed Christmas cards were returned, gifts in religious wrapping paper were refused and young Christmas carolers were turned away when they came to sing to hospitalized military vets.

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Al-Qaida is back: Was the War in Iraq a Waste?

Veterans are wondering whether their sacrifices were worth it as Iraqi Christians are being persecuted as never before and al-Qaida returns.

Related Topics: Iraq, Christian, Persecution, Faith, Catholic, Church, Family


Three nations make surprising appeal for church’s help

Just as the Obama Administration is actively excluding Christian institutions from traditional roles in American society, the governments of two of the most populous nations in Africa and Asia are seeking help from local congregations – and one of Europe’s former Communist states has handed its schools over to local churches.

Related Topics: Faith, Christian, Persecution, Nigeria, Boko Haram, China, Hungary


The Privilege of Persecution

Did you know that according to a recent Pew Research poll, 70 percent of the world’s population live in countries where they have little to no religious freedom? Where they can be arrested and charged with proselytizing, disrupting the public order, blasphemy or simply meeting illegally without government permission? Authors Carl Moeller and David Hegg reflect on what the lessons of the persecuted can teach us in our journey of faith.

Related Topics: Persecuted Christians, Persecuted Church, Persecution


Are All These Christians' Complaints of Religious Discrimination Just So Much Empty Whining?

Should we just shrug off the alarming daily reports of persecution of people who follow Jesus? After all, He warned His followers that they would be hated, right?

Related Topics: Persecution, Islamist Extremism, Kenya, Christian, Martyrdom, Catholic, Muslim, Media Bias, Press Bias


Are U.S. colleges hostile to Christian students?

So, how tough is it on college campuses these days for Christian students? Pretty grim, as evidenced by lawsuits colleges keep losing -- in which they are charged with blatant religious discrimination.

Related Topics: Persecution Of Christians, Persecution, Human Rights Abuses, Human Rights, College, College Students, Alliance Defense Fund


Diverse Public Prayers, a Hallmark of America, Should Unite Us, Not Drive Us Apart

In the wake of a string of recent attacks on public prayer, the U.S. Supreme Court is about to decide whether city councils, school boards, public meetings and even Congress will be permitted to continue asking for God’s blessing.

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News, Persecution, Public Prayer, Legislative Prayer, Supreme Court, Religious Freedom


Egypt's Christians mourn after rioters burn churches, homes, businesses

After decades of relative stability, the land of the Pharaohs has steadily descended into violence. The militant Muslim Brotherhood is calling for armed confrontation with the Egyptian military and has targeted Egypt’s 7 million Coptic Christians.

Related Topics: Christian, Egypt, Persecution, Muslim Brotherhood, Coptic Christians In Egypt


What Would You Risk for Your Faith?

Would your faith survive under fire? If it were illegal, would you read the Bible? Would you be willing to go to jail, asks author Melanie Kirkpatrick as she shares the untold story of Asia’s underground railroad.

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Love, Persecution

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