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Meditating against an orange sky.


5 Simple Steps for Feeling More Peaceful

Sometimes, we need to shut down everything around us and simply breathe so we connect with our inner selves. Once you find that mental peace, you are able to find a little more happiness and a little less anxiety. Here are five simple steps for feeling more peaceful beginning today.

Related Topics: Peace, Peaceful, Mental Attitude, Positive Attitudes, Reduce Stress, Mental Health, Emotional Health

Be a Good Friend


10 Ways To Manage Stress And Find Peace

Don’t let life’s little interruptions throw you off. Check out these 10 ways to manage stress and find peace no matter what comes your way…

Related Topics: Stress, Peace, Stress Elimination


4 Ways To Find Quiet In Your Day

Polly Campbell discusses tips to find solitude.

Related Topics: Solitude, Peace, Quiet, Emotional Health

martin luther king jr


Top 6 Ways to Live Out MLK Jr.'s Dream

When civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. echoed the words "I have a dream" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, he was delivering more than a memorable speech. He was calling the country into action. In honor of MLK Day on Jan. 20, we give you six ways to boldly live out his dream.

Related Topics: Martin Luther King Day, Martin Luther King, Service, Leadership, Pioneer, Leader, Bold, Giving Back, Peace, Love, Unity, Equality, Justice, Change

Man standing on rock looking over landscape


Prayers for Peace and Happiness

Here are prayers that will bless you today!

Related Topics: Happiness And Gratitude, Peace, God, Jesus, Jesus And Comfort, Wellness Well-Being

serenity, prayer, rocks


Beautiful Depictions of the Serenity Prayer

Most people are familiar with the first verse of the Serenity Prayer but how many of us know the rest? Whether you know the entire prayer or only parts, here is the full prayer told in a series of artistic depictions.

Related Topics: Serenity, Serenity Prayer, God, Joy, Happiness, Change, Difference, Hardships, Peace, Pathway, Surrender, Sin

Silhouette of woman meditating on beach


Peace Begins Within

We can all make a difference in this world.

Related Topics: Peace


Want Peace of Mind? Meditate on These Words

Reflect on these scriptures for peace.

Related Topics: Peace, Jesus And Healing, Jesus Daily, Bible, God Almighty

Man standing on rock looking over landscape


Inspiring Words to Get Through Difficult Times

Here are 10 inspiring words to get you through difficult times!

Related Topics: Happiness And Gratitude, Peace, Wellness Well-Being, Happier

woman in bathtub


5 Ways to Bring Peace into Your Day

Your life may not slow down, but you can. Moments to refresh and recharge are all around you.

Related Topics: Emotional Health, Peace

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