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Faith Unmovable

Edoh’s story in the The Priest’s Son is one that must be told. It is the power of God prevailing over evil. It is faith that triumphs in the face of persecution. It is real. It is raw. You will be inspired—encouraged—uplifted.

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5 Ways to Unleash More Romance & Passion into Your Life

Have you ever tried to attract more passion or romance in your life but it seems to elude you? Many people mistakenly believe that relationships are the only way to experience romance in their lives.

Related Topics: Love, Romance, Passion

Wake Up to Positive Thoughts


15 Ways to Live With Passion

To help my spirit prepare for my last day, I try to live with passion. Some days are easier than others, but on all days my goal is to live life with a free and passionate heart. These 15 ways to live with passion remind me how.

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Which is best: Wisdom or Passion?

Ah, the joy of idealistic youth. Sometimes their passions are just too much for the older, wiser generation. So, how can elders deal with youngsters’ flights of fancy? Father and son Dan Miller and Jared Angaza, authors of "Wisdom Meets Passion: When Generations Collide and Collaborate," consider answers – and songwriter Sydney Rose offers a few insights.

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Is Michelle Obama a "closet" Quaker?

After listening to the First Lady's Democratic National Convention speech, longtime Quaker Jana Llewellyn, Associate Editor of the “Friends Journal” found herself wondering if the First Family should join that traditionally all-inclusive faith of William Penn, Betsy Ross, Annie Oakley and Richard Nixon

Related Topics: Fatherhood, Raising Children, Passion, Faith, Barack Hussein Obama, Quaker, Richard Nixon


Why Getting Scared Is So Much Fun

Irwin Yablans, the creator of the “Halloween” film franchise, discusses why we pay to watch horror movies

Related Topics: Fatherhood, Raising Children, Passion, Faith, Horror, Halloween


Can God use you to do a miracle?

18-year-old Austin Gutwein, author of book “Live to Give: Letting God Turn Your Talents into Miracles,” says we all have an important part to play in the Almighty’s incredible plan.

Related Topics: Passion, Faith, Miracle


Why was I born?

Author and filmmaker Phil Cooke asks: “What were you born to do with your life? What is your ‘one big thing?’”

Related Topics: Raising Children, Passion, Faith, Meaning Of Life


Is it time for an Amish President?

Are you having trouble getting excited about U.S. presidential politics? Well, maybe it’s time for something completely different. A president who rides up to the White House in a buggy and requests the light bulbs be replaced with candles.

Related Topics: Fatherhood, Passion, Faith, Quaker, Amish, President, Presidential Campaign, White House

Danielle LaPorte


The Fire Starter Sessions: Find Passion in What You Do for a Living

Author Danielle LaPorte believes the fire you need to live the life of your dreams already flames inside of you.

Related Topics: Career, Passion, Happiness, Work, Creativity

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