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Beliefnet offers complete coverage of Judaism, Jewish life, Jewish news and the issues that concern contemporary Jews. The Judaism inspiration page also offers ways for Jews to find and debate each other or ask questions about being Jewish on our Community.

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Watch Clip: 'Bruno'


Watch Clip: 'Bruno'

In this clip from the upcoming comedy, title character Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen), a gay Austrian fashion journalist has a conversation with an ex Palestinian Prime Minister and the ex head of Mossad, about hummus. The film releases July 10.

Related Topics: Politics, Jewish, Palestinian, Comedy, Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno, Israel, Faiths, Judaism, Entertainment


Israel's Raid on the Gaza Flotilla

Beliefnet's bloggers debate Israel's raid on the Gaza flotilla, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Related Topics: Hot Topics, Gaza, Gaza Flotilla, Israel, Palestinians


Israel's Islamist Enemies

Two avowedly Islamist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, are warring with Israel. Who are they, and what are their goals?

Related Topics: Faiths, Palestinian Government, Suicide Bombings, Militant Palestinian Movement, Hezbollah, Palestinian, Israel, Social Services, Palestinian Intifada, Hamas, Government


Imbalancing Act

Without recognizing the common humanity of Israelis and Palestinians, we'll never get our footing on the road to peace.

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An Abrahamic Family Reunion

If rabbis and imams can break bread and pray together, can they lead their feuding faiths toward peaceful coexistence?

Related Topics: Faiths, Rabbis, Imams, Palestinian Delegations, Jews, Palestinian Government, Religious Leaders, Palestinian, Closing Statement, Steering Committee, Angry Palestinian Delegation


The Birth of Hamastan?

Whether or not a new Islamist regime has taken hold in the Middle East depends on how Hamas handles three important challenges.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Palestinian, Palestinian Society, Palestinian State, Hamas, Political, Social Justice, East Debates, Movement, Political Ideology, Distinct Palestinian Movement


Furor Over 'Munich'

Jewish leaders, cultural critics see Spielberg film on reprisal killings as misrepresenting reality.

Related Topics: Violence, Suicide Bombers, Movie, Reality, Fitting Tribute, Palestinian, Moral Equivalency, Executive Director, Entertainment, Palestinian Terrorists, Moral Equivalence


Decoding the Palestinian Elections

A Middle East expert offers four surprising tips for understanding this week's historic vote.

Related Topics: News, Politics, Palestinian, Election, Civil Society, Electoral Process, Palestinians, Municipal Elections, Palestinian Society, Palestinian Civil Society, Society, Peace Process


Yasser Arafat's Unfinished Saga

Arafat's death is the end of an era of spectacular successes and spectacular failures.

Related Topics: News, Politics, Failure, Palestinian, Palestinian State, Yasser Arafat, Palestinian Cause, Peace, Peace Process, Arab World, Palestinian People, Success

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