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Working for a Nonviolent World


Working for a Nonviolent World

Two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon, killing at least two and injuring hundreds. #PrayingforBoston quickly became the leading trending topic on Twitter Monday as Americans everywhere offered thoughts and prayers for those impacted. “Times of tragedy are opportunities for us in the faith community to express our love and also work for nonviolent love in the world,” said Peter Hetzel, a theology professor at New York Theological Seminary, who ran the Boston Marathon in 1995. “We will see this as an opportunity not to get bogged down in tragedy once again in our nation but see how can we transfigure this tragedy into a way to work for hope, a way to work for love and a way to work for God’s shalom in our world.”

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Martin Luther King III


Martin Luther King III: 'Hope for a Peaceful World'

Beliefnet interviews the son of the famed civil rights leader on the importance of peace education.

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Learn the basics of Jainism as well as the beliefs and practices of one of the oldest religious traditions of India.

Related Topics: Practice, Strict Religious Austerity, Religious, Monastic, Religious Traditions, Jainism, Jain, Material Existence, Loka, Satya, Traditions, Sacred Texts, Ahimsa, Monastic Community, Nonviolence



Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi's inspirational quotes can teach us about truth, nonviolence, peace, and the power of universal love.

Related Topics: Ghandi, Nonviolence, Quotes, Quotes Inspirational, Hindu


Extremists for Love

The Jain perspective on nonviolence.

Related Topics: Faiths, Jainism, Nonviolence, Extremist, Invisible Microbes, Ahimsa, Life Forms, Lay People, Jains, Life Forms Living, Life


Meditating for Peace

As wars rage, Buddhists use their inner clarity for global harmony.

Related Topics: Faiths, Violence, World, Mind, Love, Heart, Buddhism, Resolving Conflict, Advocates Restraint, Untapped Natural Resource, Traditional Spiritual Paths, Nonviolence


To Fight or Not to Fight? The Bhagavad Gita and the Iraq War

Does God ever want people to fight? Understanding the Hindu epic's complex teachings on nonviolence and war.

Related Topics: Faiths, Violence, Qualified Violence, Material Ego, Coalition Forces, Arjuna, Mass Destruction, Human Drama, War, Absolute Nonviolence, Nonviolence, Hinduism

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