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John McCain: Constitution Established a 'Christian Nation'

He expresses discomfort about a Muslim in the White House and says he won't undergo a full-immersion baptism while campaigning.

Related Topics: News, Politics, Muslim, Full Immersion Baptism, Full Immersion, Person Carry, Greek God Hubris, President, Nation, Solid Grounding, Issue People, Religion


Jeremy Lin Gives God Glory for Success

“Linsanity” is sweeping the nation and even President Barack Obama is tracking this story. What is this phenomenon? New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.

Related Topics: Faith, Nation, Basketball Personalities, God, Bible


Nation of Islam

Learn more about the Nation of Islam, a religion founded by Wallace D. Fard to raise the moral, social, and economic standing of non-whites. With Malcolm X as one of its controversial heroes (he later broke with NOI to join mainstream Islam), the Nation of Islam has a rich history in the United States. Beliefnet offers a breakdown of wh at NOI is, how it differs from Islam, who its main founders are, and other essays and blog posts.

Related Topics: Movement, Black Muslims, Nation Of Islam, Nation, Islam, Elijah Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Turning Racist Ideas, Economic Standing, Warith Deen Muhammad, Islam Discussions, Religion, Calling Whites, Malcolm X, Islam Features, Islam Understanding


In God We Trust?

For a nation that trusts in God, our tactics in the war on terror is costing us our biggest ally

Related Topics: Faiths, Actions, Nation, Islam, Helping Hand, Mass Destruction, God, Enemy, War, Enemy Combatants, Defense Department Commanders, Top Defense Department


'It Is Almost Beyond Imagining'

A sermon in response to Hurrican Katrina

Related Topics: Faiths, Word, Rumored Suicide Bomber, Nation, Fathers Misdeeds, Dry Bones, God, Judgment, Bones The Dry Bones, War, Hope


O Lord, Make Haste to Save Us

'We as a nation have failed the test': A sermon in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina

Related Topics: Faiths, Tragedy, Storm Waters Rise, Nation, Love, Suffering, Flood Waters, God, Waters, Settled Way Things, Rain Storm

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