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ACLJ - Jay Sekulow - Ground Zero Mosque


ACLJ - Jay Sekulow - Ground Zero Mosque

There's new information about the plans to build an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero. While the ACLJ continues its legal fight to stop the mosque, find out the latest information on the background of those pushing this project.

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Searching for an Inclusive Islam

Eight years after "Muslim bad girl" Asra Nomani began her battle with her Morgantown, West Virginia mosque for women's equality, she wonders when her dream for an inclusive Islam will be realized. For Nomani, the struggle continues.

Related Topics: Islam, Islamic Extremism, Faiths & Practices, American Muslim, American Muslims, Mohammed, Mosque, Muslim, Muslim American


The Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero

Beliefnet's bloggers discuss the proposal for a Muslim prayer space near Ground Zero.

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Jerusalem Diary: A Mission to Heal

A Muslim surgeon chronicles his two-week trip to the holy land, where he will work with kids and get to the heart of religion.

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Extremism in Our Own Communities?

With the terrorist plot playing on U.S. soil, what does that reveal of American-Muslims' susceptibility to radical Islam?

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Jebril, Mosque, Mosque Officials, American Policies, Muslims, Homegrown Terrorists, Extremist Rhetoric, Muslim, Dual Consciousness, Canadian Government


What Are Muslim Women's Rights?

At a major Muslim convention, Asra Nomani addresses the crowd about gender equality in Islam.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Mosque, Status Quo, Prophet, Women's Rights, Muslim, African American Woman, Islamic, Women Rights, Men Dont


Excommunication From the Mosque?

They want to ban my daughter from the Islamic center I helped found 23 years ago.

Related Topics: Women's Rights, Faiths, Mosque Leaders, Muslim, Status Quo, Islam, Board Members, Front Door, Mosque, Management Committee, Daughter


John Walker's Curious Quest

Still a mystery how the young Marin County convert to Islam made the transition from spiritual scholar to Taliban soldier.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Mosque, Tabligh Jamaat, Spiritual Purity, Revival Movement, Curious Teenagers Spiritual, Tabligh, Teenagers Spiritual Quest, Strict Religious School, Spiritual

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