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Have Americans lost faith in the old "mainline" churches?

Millions are attending unaffiliated churches that lack liberal, irrelevant and even litigious national hierarchies. Will Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans and Episcopalians gradually fade away?

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Why Do We Celebrate All Saints' Day?

Everybody knows Halloween. Some of us remember some elderly grade school teacher who insisted that it be spelled Hallowe'en - since it's a contraction of All Hallows' Eve. So, what is "All Hallows?"

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Four-Legged Faith

A mini-schnauzer named Mary Magdalene, a sheltie named Samson: How religious pet owners name their furry friends.

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Episcopal Congregation to Recognize Lutheran as Spiritual Leader

Maine case may be the first in the nation since Episcopalians OK'd such arrangements in July

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Episcopalians Give Final OK to Lutheran Pact

The agreement with the ELCA will allow for a sharing of clergy and Communion and takes effect Jan. 1

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Lutherans Meet to Fight Pact With Episcopalians

Luthern opponents support alliance, but object to adopting the Episcopal Church's practice on bishops

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