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Broken heart


Do You Ever Really Get Over being Cheated on?

Do you ever get over being cheated on?

Related Topics: Relationships, Cheated, God, Jesus, Apron Strings


Why Colton Burpo Leads Us to Jesus

The film “Heaven Is for Real” is based on the true story of a four-year-old Nebraska boy who encountered heaven during an emergency appendectomy.

Related Topics: Heaven, Jesus, Hope And Change, God


Powerful Easter Poems

Easter is an amazing time to reflect on what the Lord has done for us. Enjoy these poems for meditation, prayers, and to bring hope during this season.

Related Topics: Hope, Faith, Jesus, Easter


Let a little bird teach your child to share, forgive and believe

Like the wise lion Aslan in C.S. Lewis’ fictional Narnia, a little dove named Iesodo in this video series isn’t Jesus, but teaches faith to his feathered flock ... and your youngster.

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News, Jesus, Children


Amazing Encounters in Heaven

Read the amazing testimonies of those who have seen heaven, Jesus, and felt the power of God, who saved them from hell.

Related Topics: Heaven, Hell, Testimonies, Jesus

Dr. Tony Evans, Power Names of Gods Names, Gods Name For Your Every Need


Jesus Deficit Disorder

What happens when the Church gets distracted and Jesus is no longer the focus? Is the result a watered-down witness to the world?

Related Topics: Faith, Faith And Prayer, Jesus And Disciples, Jesus


Who you work for is more important than what you do

How working for Jesus gives purpose and meaning to our jobs

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News, Job, Career, Jesus, Purpose In Life


Can Jesus save my marriage?

Yes, but it is a daily process. Be prepared to pray for your marriage and your spouse. Forces seeking to destroy your love are constantly trying to creep in, so be on your guard. Seeking Him first daily is the key.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Christian, Marriage, Advice, Jesus, Husband, Wife, Faith

Dad and Son


10 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Jesus

Want to get your child more excited about Jesus? Here are 10 ways we promise won’t disappoint.

Related Topics: Child, Faith, Love And Family, Jesus, Excitement, Bible, Reading, Action, Drama, Sunday School, Mission Trips, Churches, Explore, Children


How Can I Focus on Jesus?

How do we keep our eyes on Him every day? All day long? Is it practical? Can we really do it?

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News, Focus, Jesus

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