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Who Should Be Allowed to Pray for President Obama?

It seems preposterous, but there’s a major debate over who is worthy to invoke the presence and blessing of the Almighty on the leaders of this land we love!

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Michelle Obama making speech


Encouraging Quotes from Michelle Obama

The new First Lady, Michelle Obama, is an inspiration to many. Learn what inspires her and what she hopes to do in her new role as "mom-in-chief" and supporter of working moms.

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Barack Obama

Beliefnet features an interview, exclusive video, a faith Q&A and more coverage of president-elect Barack Obama.

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Uncivil Religion?

The recent presidential inaugural, with its explicit references to Jesus, failed to invoke the inclusiveness this country needs.

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Ashcroft Discussed Faith at Bob Jones

Attorney General nominee's conservative views draw opposition from liberal groups.

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Bush Using Bible Used to Swear In Washington

The 1767 King James Bible was also used at the inaugurations of Bush's father, Carter, Eisenhower, and Harding.

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Putin Meets Pope; Offers No Invite to Russia

Despite heightened expectations, a Vatican meeting between the Russian president and John Paul produced little substance

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