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So Who Was Saint Valentine?

Everyone knows that February 14th is the day that we happily celebrate romantic love. But where did the holiday come from, and what does Saint Valentine himself have to do with it? The answers may surprise you.

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How Not to Get Derailed This Holiday

We call this the Holiday Season. Family, food, fun and train wrecks, all rolled into one span of days, Thanksgiving through New Years.

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Holistic Approach to Self-Care During the Holidays

Take a quick inventory of your self-care practices. Are you attending to all areas of your life? If so, this holistic approach will help you reduce stress.

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10 Ways to Deal With Loss During the Holidays

Loss is never easy, especially during the Holidays. Death during this period is extremely tough because it is often sudden and unexpected. For all of us who have lost a loved one during this time, here are some tips to help you find strength and get through the holiday season.

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Winter Holidays You May Not Know About

You might think that winter is only about decking the halls and ringing in the New Year, but you're wrong. Here are six winter holidays you've probably never heard of, celebrated around the world.

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Funny Letters to Santa

These adorable letters to Santa are sure to make you laugh and rethink what's on your Christmas list this year!

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Off to Grandmother’s House: Holiday Packing Tips

It’s that time of year again where scheduled family visits pack your planner and so does stress. Follow these simple packing tips whether you’re flying or taking a road trip to see the grandparents.

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6 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Start your engines…the holiday eating season officially begins in a week. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, the eating frenzy will be in full force!

Related Topics: Wellness And Weight Loss Wisdom, Fat, Holidays, Foods

9 Holiday Depression Busters


8 Coping Strategies for the Holidays

For people prone to depression and anxiety – i.e. human beings – the holidays invite countless possibility to get sucked into negative and catastrophic thinking.

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5 Proverbs to Help you Survive the Holidays

We all want everything to be just right during the Christmas season. We want picture-perfect decorations, scrumptious feasts, and wonderful presents, writes Pastor Steven Estes. “But life often doesn’t go according to plan.”

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