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'The Love Guru': Lessons for Hindus

With 'The Love Guru' about to hit American theaters, Hindus must ask themselves: How will we handle this film?

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Hindus, Hindu, American Theaters, Eccentric Holy Man, Communications Specialist, Film, Deities Holding, View, Popular Mens Magazine


'Love Guru': Hindu Lions and Hollywood Lambs?

Deepak Chopra addresses the controversy over Mike Meyers' film, 'The Love Guru,' and why Hindus shouldn't take offense.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Hindus, Religious Propaganda, Hindu Lions, Lions, Material Life, Hollywood Lambs, The Love Guru, Universe Isnt Goodness, Comedy


Mother Kali, Much Maligned

From 'The Temple of Doom' to 'Footballer's Wives,' movies and TV shows unfairly portray the goddess as a blood-thirsty demoness.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Film, Hindus, Bloodthirsty Demoness, Kali, Popular Notions, Notions, Escapist Adventure Movie, Brutal Pagan Savages, Demoness, Negative Stereotypes


What Hindus Think About Apu

Some are offended; others are amused and unfazed. But everyone's paying attention.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Hindus, Single Indian Neurosurgeon, Sacred Elephant Statue, Culture, Fueling Teasers, Writers, Peoples Perception, Melting Pot, Religion


Drumming With the Power of Bhakti

Musician Phildas Surakshadevi Bhakta on life as a Hindu convert--and how her devotion helped her play the drums for 41 hours.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Hindu, Martial Art, Formal Initiation Ceremony, Misconceptionswhat Spiritual Practices, Spirituality, Things Indian, Hindus, Classical Indian Music, Martial Arts Enthusiast


Solidarity in Diversity

Hindus should work with those of other traditions while holding firmly to our own denomination and spiritual path.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Hindus, Hindu, Hindu Leaders, Unethical Conversion Efforts, Illumined Gurus Centrality, Unity, Enlightened Guru Lineages, Solidarity, Particular Guru Lineage


God's Wrath in India?

Hindu resentment over Christian activity in India fuels religious explanations of tsunami tragedy.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Hindus, Hindu, Christian, Christian Leaders, Hindu Resentment, State Government, Tsunami, Aid Groups, Indian News Site, Widely Read Indian News


Hindu Mythbusters

Meet Hindus who debunk Western misconceptions about caste, cows, karma and more.

Related Topics: Faiths, Non Hindus, Caste System, School System, Hindus, Primitive Idol Worshipping Cult, Religion, Internet Discussion Groups, Industrial Design Consultant, Question, Hinduism


Awash in God

At the Hindu festival of Kumbha Mela, tens of millions washed their sins away in India's sacred rivers.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, River, Sacred Rivers, Event, Cottage Tents, Tent, Media Coverage, Tent Flap, Hindus, Company Responsible, Mela


Are Hindu Attitudes Towards Race Skin-Deep?

It's high time for Hindus to renounce a holdover of the caste system: the belief that fair skin is better than dark skin.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Caste, Caste System, Skin, Fair Skin, Dark Skin, Upper Castes, Hindus, Young Indian Woman, Attitudes, Blazing Indian Sun

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