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Apples Can Fight Breast Cancer

Six medical studies, published in the past year by Cornell researchers, report that apples prevent breast cancer by multiple mechanisms.

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10 Healthy Summer Recipes


10 Healthy Summer Recipes

It's time for me to share my favorite summer recipes with you. My strategy: whip up truly satisfying and tasty dishes that are fast, easy, and packed with the vitamins and minerals that help make us feel great and keep our weight in line.

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Reduce Breast Cancer Risk with Dietary Mushrooms

Mushrooms have long been reported to have potential anti-cancer benefits; however, the vast majority of the studies exploring the cancer fighting benefits of mushrooms have been cell culture and animal studies designed to test specific mushroom extracts.

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Cancer and Papaya Leaf Extract

The papaya fruit is a excellent fruit that has many food applications. Like many plants, both the fruit and other parts (seeds, leaves, etc.) of the papaya tree have been used for various medicinal purposes. Papain is probably the best known component of papaya and is commonly used topically for the relief of rashes, stings, and burns.

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Vegetables Might Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

While more and more research studies are reporting the benefits of vegetable consumption for reducing our odds of developing breast cancer, fewer research studies have explored the possible impact of vegetable consumption on breast cancer recurrence.

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Fiber Can Fight Cancer

Getting more fiber from fiber supplements (powders and pills), cereals, fruits, veggies (including beans), nuts, and whole grains may not only reduce your risk of breast cancer, but also stop breast cancer progression.

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Holiday Weight Loss Tips


Flaxseed Can Fight Cancer

Flaxseeds come from tall, slender flax plants, and have a warm, nutty flavor. About the size of sesame seeds, flaxseeds are packed with fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

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Foods That Help You Lose Weight

You might want to look like an Olympian, but how? Here are some great food choices to train yourself to look great, lose weight, plus unleash the Olympian inside of you!

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End Emotional Eating: 6 Steps Toward Healthy Thinking

Thoughts become actions and actions produce results. With that in mind, it stands to reason that healthy thoughts ignite healthy actions, which in turn produce healthy results!

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Control Your Weight and Diabetes with the Rule of 15

Dr. Scott Morris of the Church Health Center gives five tips to shed those pounds and master diabetes with the Rule of 15.

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