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Twice Embraced

When my gun accidentally went off, I found myself lying on the ground, uncertain what my fate would be....

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The Comedian's Death Wish

Backstage in Las Vegas, a successful comic put a gun to his head and was about to pull the trigger...

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Face to Face

An American teen in Iran learns that fear--not the gunman--is the enemy.

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The Rise of Nuisance Theory

A new class of lawsuits goes after gunmakers on the theory that they market to criminals.

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Tens of Thousands Turn Out for Gun Control

Clinton tells Million Mom March in D.C. to surmount the "political mountain" erected by opponents of stricter gun laws

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A Year After Columbine

Why didn't the shootings force us to look at how guns are made and sold in America?

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Little Murders

A six-year-old is killed in Flint, and a native son rages against guns

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In Too Deep (1999)

Starring Omar Epps, and LL Cool J Rated R

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