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Things You Can Always Be Grateful For

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to take certain things for granted. But when you're feeling empty you can always fill up on thanks. Start now with this list of things you can always be thankful for...

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How to Aid In Your Own Healing

Of course, in times of illness we implore the power of Christ for our healing. But we have to take an active part in our own healing. We have been given the ability to aid in or own healing as well as to take preventative spiritual measures to stave off many of the diseases of man.

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The Ultimate Gratitude List, from A to Z

“Counting your blessings” allows you to be thankful for all you have. This list reminds you of fundamental things to be grateful for every day—from apples to clouds to ice cream to getting enough nightly Zzz’s.

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Gratitude Quotes

Inspiring quotes on gratitude, thankfulness, and the appreciation that makes life sweet.

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What You Give Thanks For

What are you grateful for during Thanksgiving 2009? Beliefnet readers share their favorite thanksgiving blessings and inspiring stories of gratitude.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Beliefnet! Check out these easy Thanksgiving dinner recipes, Thanksgiving meal prayers and blessings, and quotes and quizzes on gratitude.

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Meet Gabriel: Archangel of the West

The next time you're exploring nature, try this guidance ritual to get in touch with Gabriel.

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The 'Super-Believer'

Naomi Judd discusses her Sunday-morning talk show, why she's grateful, and the valuable lesson she learned from Buddhism.

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