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Beliefnet offers features on life events and milestones such as pregnancy and baby rituals, baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, communion and confirmation, coming of age, graduation, marriage, and death.


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Welcome to the Real World: 7 Things Every Graduate Should Know

Here are seven things every graduate should know. These life snippets will help you become a well rounded person, prepare you for the reality of graduation and welcome you to the real world.

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Upward: The Best Spiritual Graduation Advice

Commencement addresses don't stop inspiring young people the day they pack up their textbooks. The best graduation speeches, like the ones from Oprah Winfrey, Elie Wiesel, Jon Stewart, and more, plant seeds inside the hearts and minds of graduates for future success.

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10 Things Every Graduate Needs to Remember

Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you navigate your brave new world.

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Best Graduation Songs

Beliefnet's graduation playlist will get you ready to send off your loved ones!

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On Campus or Online: Which Undergraduate Experience is Right for You?

Read our article and find out!

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Prayers a Grad Can’t Afford to Live Without

As you walk away with that diploma, remember that you didn’t get here on your own. You had help – from those who love you, including your heavenly Father, who delights in hearing from you.

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Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

Give your graduate a gift that will inspire and motivate them to do great things in their future!!

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Graduation Quotes

Inspiring and encouraging graduation quotes and sayings from Steve Jobs, Judy Garland, Nelson Mandela, and more to help high school and college grads on their journey.

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