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Pagan & Earth-Based Religions

Beliefnet's Pagan & Earth-Based religions page offers features on Wicca, witchcraft, magick, Goddess spirituality, indigenous traditions, guided Pagan meditations, teachings and articles from leading Earth-oriented teachers like Starhawk, Margot Adler, and Mara Freeman, pagan videos, and seasonal celebrations of everything from Samhain to Summer Solstice, and offers ways for Pagans to find and debate each other or ask questions about being Pagan on our Community.

Related Topics: Paganism, Earth Based, Wicca, Witch, Goddess, Pagans In The Military, Pagan, Offers Features, Pagan Videos, Spirituality, Margot Adler, Mara Freeman, Indigenous Traditions, Witchcraft, Teachers, Seasonal Celebrations


Reclaiming Feminine Power

Remembering a time when women were revered.

Related Topics: Holistic Lifestyle, Feminine, Feminine Aspect, Women, Women And Men, Equal Rights, Goddess

Venus Roman Goddess of love


Meet the Goddesses

There are thousands of Goddesses, from many of the world’s cultures, known by different names and images. Laurie Sue Brockway, author of "The Goddess Pages," introduces you to 9 special goddesses who are sought out for their special qualities – such as beauty, abundance, healing and inspiration.

Related Topics: Divine Feminine Strength, Goddesses, Relationship, Divine Feminine, Holistic Living, Goddess, Peace, Divine Feminine Presence

Goddess Lakshmi on Beliefnet


Goddess Prayers and Chants

Many of the world’s cultures express worship to the Goddess in chant and prayer. Here is a sampling of goddess chants and prayers, old and new, to help you connect with the Divine feminine.

Related Topics: Goddess Spirituality, Goddess Traditions, Goddess, Goddess Circle, Chant, Chant Tradition



Beliefnet offers coverage of Reconstructionist religions like, Asatru (Nordic Heathenism), Baltic & Slavic religions, Celtic religions, Greek & Roman religions, Kemetic (Egyptian) religions, and offers ways for Reconstructionists to find and debate each other or ask questions about being Reconstructionist on our Community.

Related Topics: Asatru, Celtic, Reconstructionist, Norse, Goddess, Heathen, Religions, Offers Coverage, Nordic, Questions


A Hindu Bar Mitzvah

When does a Hindu boy become a man? Like a bar mitzvah, a ceremony happens--with father passing on a secret mantra to his son.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Ceremony, Family, Religious Nature, Peer Pressure, Sons Ears, Thread, Boys Family, Tremendous Learning Experience, Goddess, Boys Father

Sue Monk Kidd: The Divine Feminine


Sue Monk Kidd: The Divine Feminine

Do you want to connect to the Goddess? Author Sue Monk Kidd says we all have various images of God that we'll resonate with, but the feminine divine is the aspect we can visualize in female form.

Related Topics: Spiritbreak, Preachers And Teachers, Sue Monk Kidd, Christian, Christianity, Odyssey Networks, Holistic, Goddess, Faiths

Phyllis Curott: The Divine Feminine


Phyllis Curott: The Divine Feminine

Many religious traditions make the divine inaccessible to women. Wiccan priestess and author Phyllis Curott describes perceiving feminine elements of the divine, such as creation and nourishment, in nature.

Related Topics: Preachers And Teachers, Wiccan, Phyllis Curott, Nature Video, Paganism, Pagan, Holistic, Goddess, Faiths, Divine Feminine



The Goddess Is Nature

Knowing that nature is the Goddess allows us to value pleasure, balance, wholeness.

Related Topics: Leading Authority, Vision Pulls, Holistic Living, Goddess, Value Pleasure, Pain Pushes, Psychology, Author, Holy Names College, Starhawk, Sounds

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