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A Rabbi's Advice: How to Respond to Your Gay Child

From Moment Magazine, Jewish Rabbis answer the question, "What advice would you give if your child told you he or she was gay?"

Related Topics: Rabbi, Jewish, Gay, Homosexual, Advice, Parenting, Family, Shmuley Boteach


Gay Marriage

Beliefnet's bloggers discuss Gay Marriage.

Related Topics: Hot Topics, Gay Marriage, Homosexuality, Lesbian, Law, Marriage, Gay


Do Gay Men Make Better Monks?

For some Trappist brothers, sexual identity is not a stumbling block.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Gay, Monastery, Monk, Sexual Liberation, Sexual Expression, Sexual, Gay Men, Gay Liberation Movements, Life, Monasterys Gay History


Spiritual Terrorism

Gays and lesbians are gathering in Jerusalem because of its sanctity, not to sully it, say WorldPride participants.

Related Topics: Faiths, Lesbian, Gay Men, Gay, Gay People, Holy City, Rainbow Flag, Worldpride, Purported Spiritual Leaders, Jerusalem, Lesbian Pride


Marriage for Gay Muslims?

What are gay and lesbian Muslims to do when their families pressure them to marry? Find a marriage of convenience.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Marriage, Muslims, Indian Gay Person, Gay Men, Gay, Being Gaylesbian, Online Discussion Board, Homosexuality, Marriage Counselor, Appearances Sake


A Source of Scandal

The Vatican's document on gays in the priesthood represents a purge. A gay priest asks: Where is the message of Jesus in it?

Related Topics: Faiths, Transitory Gays, Gay Priests, Gay, Celibate Gay Priests, Instruction, Seminary, Homosexual Tendencies, Gay Man, Document, Gay Men, Catholic


A Gay Priest Speaks Out

'The vast majority of gay priests are celibate. I don't know of any in my circle of friends that are sexually active.'

Related Topics: Faiths, Gay Priests, Gay, Seminary, Religious Orders, Priest, Document, Gay Men, Catholic, Sexual Orientation, Gay Seminarians, Straight Men


Open Letter to Benedict XVI from a Gay Priest

Barring gay men from ordination would be a disaster for the church that you love so much.

Related Topics: Faiths, Priests, Gay Priests, Gay, Celibate Gay Priests, Church, American Seminaries, Gay Men, Catholic, Gay Seminarians, Lesbian, Theological Dialogue


Is This Shark Gay? Kiddie Cartoons and the Culture Wars

Does 'Shark Tale' have a pro-gay message? Does 'The Incredibles' mock schools where everyone's 'special'? Should anyone care?

Related Topics: Message, Movie, Gay, Shark, Kiddie Cartoons, Pro Gay Message, Entertainment, Gay Men, Child, Animation Studio Werent, Animated Feature


What They Say About...

Members of Lancaster County Bible Church talk about abortion, gay rights, the war in Iraq, and other campaign issues.

Related Topics: Gay Marriage, Value System, Hes, Gay, Faith Based Initiatives, Right Thing, Biblical Basis, Politics, Dont, War, Marriage, News

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