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Christian Veterans Protect the Funeral of a Fallen Soldier

Watch as Christian Veterans protect the funeral of a fallen soldier.

Related Topics: Soliders, Funeral, Fallen Soldiers

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21 Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult time in a person’s life. These 21 tips are meant to help you find supportive ways to assist someone you care about through the journey of restoring balance in their life after a loss.

Related Topics: Funeral, Grieving, Memorial, Death, Loss, 21 Ways, Grief, Grief And Loss

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Michael Jackson's Death: Does Fame Trump Faith?

While Michael Jackson's death could highlight funeral rituals associated with a particular faith, it may ultimately demonstrate the power of celebrity as a new kind of sacred.

Related Topics: Michael Jackson, Death, Grief, Faiths, Celebrity, Funeral, Culture, Religious Tradition, Funeral Ceremonies, Funeral Rituals, Religious, Life Cut, Celebrity Religious Culture, Adored Celebrity Saint

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How to Get Through Grief and Loss

While we know the heartbreak of loss, we also know there is a way to honor loved ones as your heal your own heart. Here are 9 healing insights to get you through your loss and grief, and onto the path of healing.

Related Topics: Loss Of Loved Ones, Grief, Healing, Loss, Grief And Loss, Grief Counseling, Funeral


What Comes Next? From Mourning to the Papal Election

The schedule of events, from the funeral of Pope John Paul II to the election of a new pontiff

Related Topics: Faiths, Funeral, College Of Cardinals, Vatican Law Dictates, Conclave, Cardinal, Summum Ponticem, White Bishops Miter, Popes Death, Pope, Catholic, Secret Balloting Procedure


Family Feuds Over Funerals

Like the Schiavos, bereaved families often fight about everything from clergy to cremation. Here's how to heal the tension.

Related Topics: Funeral, Family Tensions, Feuding Relatives, Right Way, Family, Family Adviser, Tension Producing Dilemmas, Loved, Relative, Caregiving Situation Presents, Love Family


'If I Have to Be Reincarnated, I'd Like to Be...'

I hope that, if I follow the right path in this life, my soul will be released at death. But if it's not...

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Life, Religion, Hindu Funerals, Positive Way, Funeral, Right Path, Inferior Life Forms, Family, Classical Indian Food, Food


Requiem for a Gangbanger

Undercover cops in the pews, bullets in the casket: A Lutheran pastor reflects on his church's most dangerous funeral.

Related Topics: Faiths, Protestant, Church, Funeral, Funeral Director, Boys Mothers Heart, Fear, Morning Paper Reports, Pastors Perspective, Service, Gun Holsters, Gang Leader

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