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Yoga Poses That Make Way for Curves

Yoga not only can be adapted for people of all shapes and sizes, that’s pretty much the point of it to begin with. The pose should work for you, not the other way around.

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A Couch Potato’s Guide to Exercise: 7 Steps to Change Your Life

You can become a former couch potato. Not only can you get up and get fit, you can become an athlete. Now I am not saying you’ll become a prize-winning athlete, but you can totally transform yourself. And here is the short version of the couch potato’s guide to exercise.

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Suppress Your Appetite Naturally with These Tips

Here are some tips to help keep the hungry monster at bay.

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Fun Ways To Be Fit As A Family

September 29th is National Family Health and Fitness Day. Here are some ways to celebrate with your family.

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Fall Into Fitness

Looking for fun ways to get fit this fall? We’ve got some ideas to help you get the balance back in your fitness routine.

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Weight Loss

Beliefnet presents information and tips about dieting, weight loss, recipes, spirituality, and fitness.

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How to Stay Motivated on the Weight Loss Journey

Here are a few tips to staying on track, breaking through discouragement and keeping your motivation in motion.

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6 Reasons Why Running Keeps You Happy and Healthy

From your physical health to your sanity, there’s nothing that a good jog can’t improve.

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Health Guru: Home Gym: Heart


Health Guru: Home Gym: Heart

Would you rather pay hundreds of dollars for cardio equipment or get the same heart healthy work-out for free? If you chose option two,find a set of stairs, and get ready to move!

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Home Gym: Triceps


Home Gym: Triceps

If the backs of your arms resemble a chicken's loose skin, you might want to look at your kitchen chair in a new light!

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