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6 ways to save for Christmas right now!

Do you need to raise some cash quickly so you can avoid new debt this coming holiday season? You’ll be amazed how much cash you can accumulate in as little time as three or four weeks

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6 Money Tips for Grads

There are vital financial skills that most graduates didn’t learn in high school. But it’s not too late!

Related Topics: Graduation Advice, Finance


Voting With Your Money: Making Your Christian Voice Heard

Money votes as well in any election and has a big say in how the world works. We vote with our money just as we vote with our ballots.

Related Topics: Election, Election 2012 Campaign, Finance

Elderly Couple


Setting Financial Goals as A Couple

The key to a successful couple is not only compatibility but also similar expectations regarding finances.

Related Topics: Money, Finance, Debtgoal, Marriage, Relationships, Spending

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Play Good Defense to Win Financially

Regardless of your income, here are five proven ways to play defense with your money.

Related Topics: Debtgoal, Money, Finance, Budget, Spending

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Appoint a Family CFO

The CFO lays out the family financial roadmap and defines spending rules for the family.

Related Topics: Debtgoal, Finance, Money, Spending, Family, Parenting

The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom


21 Days to Financial Freedom

Tap into your power to prosper financially with a 21-day financial fast from Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary's book, "The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom".

Related Topics: Finance, Money, Christianity

Angels of Abundance


The Angels of Abundance

Angels can help you achieve abundance and prosperity. Author Sue Storm shows how angels can help with your financial needs and economic crisis during tough times.

Related Topics: Angel, Abundance, Economy, Economic Crisis, Finance, Financial Anxiety, Financial Crisis, Prosperity, Tough Times, Guardian Angel


Your Financial Prayers

Members of the Beliefnet community share their prayer requests for financial breakthroughs during this time of economic downturn.

Related Topics: Economy, Prayer Requests, Family, Finance, Financial Anxiety, Double Knee Surgery, Financial Crisis, Financial Burden, Social Security Disability, Financial, Prayer Circles, Help, Insurance Coverage, Job

Angels and the Economy piggy bank


The Angels and the Economy

Economic conditions are affected more by human beliefs and expectations than by oil prices or political concerns.

Related Topics: Angels, Doreen Virtue, Economy, Finance, Financial Anxiety

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