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5 Benefits of Natural Family Planning

Although it does require some education and compromise within a relationship, there are many benefits for those who are motivated to use the method effectively.

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Healing Prayers for Infertility pregnant fertility


Healing Prayers for Infertility

Knowing that you are in the company of biblical heroines including Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, and Elizabeth, let the healing power of these 10 prayers soothe your worried mind, strengthen your faith, and renew your hope.

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Fertility of the Spirit

The healing power of Beltane is that it celebrates sexuality for its own sake.

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Timeless Souls

After struggling with the moral implications of fertility treatments, I realized that all babies come from God.

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The Merry Month of May

How ancient traditions evolved into the springtime festivals May Day and Beltane.

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Where Do the Embryos Come From?

Before we debate stem cell research, we should make sure we're asking the right questions.

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Record High Births to Unwed Mothers

Nearly half of all babies born in 1998 were born to unwed mothers--but not necessarily teens. Today's unwed mom's are older.

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