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Tova Hartman


Feminist Pioneer Challenges Orthodox Patriarchy

Jewish scholar Tova Hartman has used her decidedly feminist Orthodox synagogue to mount a formidable challenge to the male bastion of religious orthodoxy.

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A Fierce Band of Women With Bibles Tucked Under Their Arms

'The time has come for woman to move in that sphere which Providence has assigned her.'

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Will Religion Complete the Women's Movement?

Author and activist Helen LaKelly Hunt says feminism must listen to the needs and opinions of women of faith.

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Mel Gibson, Feminist

Gibson's movie understands the depth of women's feeling and the unique role that follows: giving support and guidance.

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A Quite Contrary Mary

Like Jesus, Mary Magdalene is now the subject of a cultural makeover. What agenda do feminist scholars have in mind?

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Dakini's Warm Breath

How Tibetan Buddhism's divine feminine plays a role in American Buddhism's gender wars

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Working Wonders for Women

Contrary to feminist opinion, the church has long been a champion of women's rights

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Doing Wonders for Women

Though pilloried by feminsits, the Church has helped set women free.

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