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Tips on Feelings and Families

There are a wide range of feelings: positive ones such as love, joy and appreciation, as well as those considered negative such as anger, sadness, fear, grief or embarrassment. They all play an important role. Expressing feelings in constructive ways helps and heals our bodies, relationships and families. Here are some principles and tips.

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Parents crossing river, holding child between them


Tools: Feelings, Trust, and Intention

Teach your children how to use their own internal guidance system (IGS).

Related Topics: Love And Family, Parenting, Trust, Feelings


The Role of Feelings in Your Manifesting

From his new book, Wishes Fulfilled, author Dr. Wayne Dyer shares how you can change your destiny with an "I am" attitude.

Related Topics: Wayne Dyer, Manifest, Law Of Attraction, Feelings, Feelings And Emotions, Emotions

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Seven Ways to Release Anger Out of Your Body

No emotion is negative unless we refuse to feel it.

Related Topics: Anger, Rage, Feelings, Emotions

Transform Your Life


8 Ways to Stop Holding a Grudge

Sometimes letting go can be a lot harder than holding on, but it's the only way to ease the internal pain. Here are nine ways to get a grip on the pain and find the strength to let it go.

Related Topics: Letting Go, Grudge, Pain, Feelings

Things We Lost in the Fire, Halle Berry


Learning to Let Go

Beliefnet members talk about what they are trying to let go of in their lives. We all struggle with the act of letting go--whether it's physically letting go of material goods, emotionally detaching from an old love, or spiritually freeing yourself to the possibilities of a higher being.

Related Topics: Rescue, Emotions, Reader Voices, Personal Growth, Letting Go, Life Lesson, Life, Inner Strength, Love Story, Lessons, Drama, Compassion, Inspirational, Love And Family, Entertainment, Life's Purpose, Feelings, Family Relationships

Healing Prayers for Infertility pregnant fertility


Healing Prayers for Infertility

Knowing that you are in the company of biblical heroines including Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, and Elizabeth, let the healing power of these 10 prayers soothe your worried mind, strengthen your faith, and renew your hope.

Related Topics: Emotions, Healing, Catholic Prayers, Fertility, Pregnancy And Birth Prayers, Pagan Prayers, Womens Health, Comfort Prayers, Fertility Prayers, Christian Prayers, Health Support, Depression, Emotional Health, Emotional Health, Feelings, Healing Prayers, Fertility Resources

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