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Tips on Feelings and Families

There are a wide range of feelings: positive ones such as love, joy and appreciation, as well as those considered negative such as anger, sadness, fear, grief or embarrassment. They all play an important role. Expressing feelings in constructive ways helps and heals our bodies, relationships and families. Here are some principles and tips.

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The Difference Between Men and Boys …

… is the cost of their toys. Here are a few fun extremes, brought to you by guys who have outgrown their Legos and Lincoln Logs … and whose wives and girlfriends are having to learn patience.

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Wisdom of Our Elders

Family wisdom offers a strong foundation in today's world. The words of our parents (and our grandparents if we were lucky enough to have known them) can stay with us throughout the years. We asked Beliefnet members to send us some of their favorite nuggets of guidance or inspiration they received from their elders. The following are a selection of family sayings worth passing on to the next generation.

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How kids learn respect - respect sign


Family Values: Teaching Kids Respect

Respect means honoring other people and treating them with care and courtesy. Read how to raise respectful children.

Related Topics: Parenting, Children, Family Values, Families, Respect, Values


Family Values: How to Teach Kids Empathy

How can you raise empathetic children? Read our tips on teaching kids about caring, compassion, kindness, and helping others, plus other family values.

Related Topics: Families, Family Values, Empathy, Kindness, Caring, Compassion, Parenting Tips, Values

mom and adult daughter


When Adult Children Move Back Home

Your adult child is returning to live with you. How will that work out? Read expert Susan Newman’s 10 tips for parents and children living under one roof.

Related Topics: Boomerang Kids, Adult Children, Parenting, Parents, Families, Home, Living Together


How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Want to raise happy, healthy kids and prevent childhood obesity? Read our tips for parents from a Tufts University nurition expert.

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Your Child's Inner Strengths

Helping children find and develop their strengths is one of the greatest gifts parents can give. Here's how to help your child discover the inner qualities that will bring happiness and meaning throughout life.

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Preachers and Teachers on Raising Good Kids

Video advice from spiritual leaders on how to raise good kids.

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Christy Turlington and RED


Christy Turlington and RED

Activist and model Christy Turlington, an ambassador for (RED), recently visited with mothers and children benefitting from money flowing into Swaziland, Africa to address the AIDS and HIV epidemic. The bulk of the funds coming from Product (RED) purchases is spent on making anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs (the two pills a day it takes to keep someone with HIV alive) free to those who need them. More than 70 percent of the country lives on less than $1 a day, according to the organization.

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