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Will Facebook Replace Going to Church?

Our social lives have all drastically changed with the advances Facebook has provided us. We can now connect with more people than ever without ever having to be physically with them. So what does this mean for the way we’ll worship in the future?

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How Social Media is Saving the World

There’s no denying that social media has made us all more connected in ways we’d never imagined were possible. Here are five ways innovators in philanthropy have harnessed the power of social media to bring us a better world.

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Facebook Etiquette

Social media is a relatively new facet that many people are not completely sure on what is okay and not okay to put out to the world. Here are some facebook rules that should be practiced by everyone.

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Stars Who Shun Social Media

From actors and actresses to athletes - everyone shares their social life endeavors and their feelings about relevant topics that are trending or are on their mind. But there are some celebs that refuse to exploit what little privacy they have - find out who says no.

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Is that the American Bible Society playing Facebook games? With Foxworthy?

With the debut of TV's new American Bible Challenge, a game show based on Bible trivia hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the Bible society unveils a Facebook game app.

Related Topics: American Bible Challenge, American Bible Society, Jeff Foxworthy, Facebook


Risking everything, Malaysians text, tweet as protests turn violent

The Internet is bringing Bersih pro-reform protests to computer screens, iPads and smartphones worldwide -- as young activists risk their lives, using the social media to demand democracy.

Related Topics: Malaysia, Facebook, Twitter



Challenges to faith, tradition rock British

Why would officials back a ban on wearing cross necklaces? On kids having best friends? What's going on in the United Kingdom?

Related Topics: Cross, Great Britain, European Court Of Human Rights, Christian Persecution, Facebook



Here are some of our favorite thought-provoking quotes ... sent from good friends on Facebook

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Clever Wisdom!

Ever get a message from a Facebook friend that makes you stop and think? Here are some of our favorites.

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Happy Thoughts!

Don't you love it when your best friend sends you that special thought that makes your day?

Related Topics: Facebook, Funny, Inspiring Quotes

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