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Is it becoming too dangerous to be a Christian?

Britain’s Prince Charles worries that Christians in the Middle East are facing extinction as Open Doors announces a record tally worldwide of believers dying for their faith in Jesus.

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Syria in Flames: Is This How to Defend Our Faith?

Although a flood of refugees is pouring out of war-torn Syria, thousands of Christians are choosing to stay. They are determined to fulfil their high calling as living witnesses of Christ’s love, mercy and grace. That’s no easy assignment in the middle of a multi-sided civil war between murderous extremists who hate you.

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Confronting Extremism Close to Home

Memo to American Muslims: Your biggest threat is the homegrown extremism that only serves to confirm anti-Muslim stereotypes.

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Predictions: Religion in 2002

Trends to watch: A rise in religious extremism, mergers of Jewish denominations, and houses of worship going back to basics.

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How Many Muslims Are Extremists?

No more than in any other faith--and it's time to end the negative stereotype.

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