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The Porn Star and the Evangelist

The adult film star talks about his unlikely friendship with Christian preacher Tammy Faye Messner.

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Redemption from the Pit

How two Psalms and a determined preacher with a throat disease became the inspiration behind a hit Casting Crowns song.

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How to Live Forever Right Now

Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman invites everyone -- no matter what your religion -- to awaken to 'infinite life.'

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Evangelists, Broadcasters, Pope Targeted by Hindu Extremists

Radical Hindu identity group lists 'evil forces that are against the movement of Hindutva.'

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Graham Promises More Crusades; Gets Political

The ailing and aging evangelist says he will continue to preach; spokeman indicates his support for Bush.

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Graham Passes Torch to New Generation of Evangelists

Bill Graham won't be there, but he's paid for 10,000 evangelists to meet in Amsterdam to follow his lead

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Ill Graham Will Skip Amsterdam Evangelism Conference

The Amsterdam event, five years in the planning, is expected to attract about 10,000 evangelists from around the world

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Billy Graham's Last Major Crusade?

Setting one last meeting, the nation's most famous evangelist says age and illness are forcing him to slow down.

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