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Should You Stay Together For the Kids?

Convincing research lies with both camps: those that suggest you should split if your marriage is spoiling, and those that say a less-than-perfect marriage is far better than a divorce.

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How Christians Can Heal After Divorce

You're not alone. While the process may be painful and will take some time, God will be with you step-by-step. Here are some tips to help as you begin healing after divorce...

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Top 6 Places To Find Love After Divorce

One of the last things on your mind after a divorce or serious breakup is jumping right into another relationship but venturing out and having fun are key to recovery.

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Beliefnet offers features on life events and milestones such as pregnancy and baby rituals, baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, communion and confirmation, coming of age, graduation, marriage, and death.


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5 Structural Challenges of Remarriage

The Remarriage Blueprint helps explain the obvious and not so obvious challenges of remarriage.

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You’re a Christian, But What About that Divorced Person Over There?

“My divorce was one of the most painful stretches of life I’ve ever walked through,” writes Elisabeth Klein Corcoran. Some of the greatest hurts come from friends and fellow believers.

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Finding God in the Season of Divorce

Richard Crooks offers a daily devotional for individuals working through the emotions and difficulties of divorce.

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Can a Christian Get a Divorce?

Have we made it the unpardonable sin? Some churches won’t allow divorced preachers or deacons. Divorced Catholics are often not invited to take the Eucharist. Is it forbidden for Christians to end their marriage?

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Ways You Can Help Your Hurting, Divorced Friends

You can bring healing and help to friends whose marriages have collapsed, says Elisabeth Klein Corcoran, author of "Unraveling: Hanging Onto Faith Through the End of a Christian Marriage."

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