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8 More Money Beliefs Holding You Back

Learn how to think appropriately about your money situation.

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7 Reasons You're Not Rich Yet and How to Change It

Are you unhappy that's you're not rich yet? Do you struggle with debt? Are you looking for ways to get ahead in the money game? We're sharing 7 reasons you're not rich, and how to change it. Go from broke to bounty - we'll show you the way.

Related Topics: Prayables, Financial Security, Rich, Debt

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The Biblical Formula for Tackling Debt

Getting rid of debt can help you live a more positive and less stressful life. If you are committed to the challenge then read these tips on how to tackle debt with the power of faith.

Related Topics: Financial Advice, Debt, Debt Relief

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Busting Myths about Investing

Beliefnet interviews Betterment CEO Jon Stein on common misconceptions about investments and why it’s important to make your money work for you no matter how old you are.

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Financial Freedom

With one swipe of a credit card, you can have almost anything you want. With the punch of a few buttons, you can take out a house, school or car loan. It has become the norm to exceed your budget sending you into a whirlwind of financial confusion and debt. However, understanding some basic financial principles, according to Dave Ramsey, can set you free to enjoy life without accumulating any unnecessary debt.

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Making Peace with Personal Debt

Feeling overwhelmed about how to get out of debt? Take a proactive approach to debt management and resolving your personal financial crisis. Try these tips for emotional debt relief as you do your best to pay the money you owe.

Related Topics: Debt, Debt Relief, Financial Fears, Financial Crisis, Financial Healing, Economic Crisis, Debts, Price, Money


Rick Warren Interview: Economic Hard Times' Spiritual Roots

The pastor explains how our society has ignored Biblical economic principles.

Related Topics: Debt, Rick Warren, Economics, Society, Rick Warren Interview, God, Steven Waldman, Economic Principles


Christ's Death: A Rescue Mission, Not a Payment for Sins

Because we don't owe a debt of guilt for Adam's sin, Jesus' suffering wasn't a payment to the Father.

Related Topics: Faiths, Orthodox Christian, Sin, Death, Prodigal Son, Evil, Arms Open, Human Flesh, Father, Sin Leads, Debt, Views Sin

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