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7 Ways for Men to Handle a Breakup Responsibly

Generally speaking, guys tend to avoid confronting emotions head on. While this may seem effective short-term, it can lead to some pretty poor coping decisions. Here are 7 responsible ways to help find peace after experiencing heartbreak.

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Should Christians Use Technology for Dating?

In addition to all of the popular dating websites, new smart phone apps are constantly being introduced that promise to revolutionize the dating experience. How should Christians looking for love respond to and use these new advances while still holding true to their principles?

Related Topics: Christian, Dating, Relationships, Social Media

BELIEFNET.COM PAGE Page features tips on love, relationships, romance, soul mates, marriage, parenting, spiritual family values, teaching spirituality to children and family spirituality.

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3 Mistakes Christians Make When Looking for Love

Need help finding love? Try eliminating these common mistakes!

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Ummmm...You've Got Something in Your Teeth What Not to Eat on a First Date

Let us take some of the pressure and guessing out of the biggest part of the evening - dinner. Here is a guide of what not to eat on your first date.

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9 Christian Ways to Impress a Woman

Looking to find love? Here are 9 great bible verses to help you find the woman of your dreams!

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You Might Be Dating a Christian If

Think you’re dating a Christian? Here are a few signs that you are.

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Dating and Chronic Illness: 10 Signs He Might Be a Keeper

Here are some tips for determining whether the one you have in mind is the one you can let into your heart.

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Spiritual Dating

One of the best is “spiritual dating,” which puts couples in venues that nourish the soul and binds them together more closely than a thousand hours of talk. Try one of the following suggestions.

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10 Places to Meet Someone Before New Year's Eve

Cancel your NYE plans of hanging with your friends, sipping champagne alone on the sofa while watching the ball drop, or going to another lame party where you know no one. You’re going to ring in the New Year with a new guy (or girl)!

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