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8 Ways Meditation Can Boost Your Creativity

Cognitive psychologists have proven that meditation can improve your creative thinking. If you’ve felt uninspired but are looking for new ways to innovate either at work or at home, here are eight ways meditation can help!

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8 Ways to Have Fun When You’re Snowed In

Whether the weather is frightful or delightful, you don’t need to feel stuck inside this winter. Here are fun and creative activities you can do inside your home either by yourself or with your kids.

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Which Creative Personality Are You?

The authors of “Creative You” have identified four key questions that they say are critical to determining what kind of a creative person you are. Which type are you?

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10 Terrific Family Builders for You and Your Kids

Make happy childhood memories as you create these fun family events!

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Warner Bros. Cartoons Top Screenwriter’s Secrets for Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity

He wrote the scripts for “Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure,” “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.,” and numerous Superman, Batman, and Star Wars cartoons. Here’s how he recommends you stimulate your youngster’s creative streak.

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Six Light-Hearted Ways to Cultivate Creative Awareness

Here are six ways to dance with the divine and let meditations become a fun and regular part of daily practice.

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Danielle LaPorte


The Fire Starter Sessions: Find Passion in What You Do for a Living

Author Danielle LaPorte believes the fire you need to live the life of your dreams already flames inside of you.

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An Interview with Jennifer Knapp: Part 1

Beliefnet sits down with Jennifer Knapp to discuss music, creativity, and Twitter in an in-depth interview.

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Woman with computer


10 Prescriptions for Living a Creative Life

Read these 10 tips on living a creative life to harness the power of your creativity, discover new solutions to familiar problems, and realize your highest dreams.

Related Topics: Creativity, Life, Motivation, Inspiring Thoughts


The Power of Dreams

Dreaming offers us nine tremendous gifts. Check the following tips on using dreams to help with the challenges of everyday life.

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