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Family Values: How Kids Learn Cooperation

Cooperation is essential for a happy life and a peaceful world. How can you raise cooperative children? Read this gallery for tips on teaching kids about cooperation, working in harmony with others, solving problems, and building team spirit, plus other family values.

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Out of Danger

One night when my life was in danger, I finally realized the power of guardian angels.

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When Unity is Long Overdue

Arab and South Asian Muslims in the U.S. are discovering a slighted brother in their fight for civil rights: Black Muslims.

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Judges' Faith Does Matter

At times, a Catholic Supreme Court judge may be religiously obligated to put his beliefs first--and recuse himself.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Cooperation, Formal Cooperation, Euthanasia, Catholic Judges, Material Cooperation, Jury Recommendations, Political Activity, Death Penalty, Analysis


Catholics Can Vote for Kerry

A top Vatican cardinal agrees: Catholics are not obliged to vote on one issue, no matter how important that issue might be.

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Why I Like Being...

Beliefnet members discuss what their religious beliefs mean to them.

Related Topics: Faiths, Religion, Elses Rules, Religious Beliefs, Asatru, Arbitrary Construct, Label, Beliefnet, Resonant Values, Cooperation, Irritating People


A House Divided

William Bennett and Michael Novak ask for unity between Catholics and evangelicals in the public arena.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholics, Winnowing Process, Partial Birth Abortion, Cooperation, Selection Committee, Public Life, Public, Casting Insults, Evangelical, Effort


In Defense of Evangelicals

Two leading Catholic conservatives sent House Speaker Hastert an open letter deploring recent political attacks on Evangelicals.

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