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Hobby Lobby


Hobby Lobby Challenges the Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby's attorneys argue that the law violates the company's constitutional right to religious freedom by enforcing the regulation that all forms of birth control be covered through insurance plans – or be fined.

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Shouldn't Sexual Sinners at Least Have Safe Sex?

When promiscuous people ignore Catholic teaching, and are at risk from HIV, should they use condoms to prevent infection?

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Choice and Faith

The former First Lady and likely Democratic presidential hopeful embraces faith-based values and a woman's right to choose.

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'A Lie in the Language of Love'

My wife and I thought using birth control made us 'normal' newlyweds. But there was a problem at the root of our married life.

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John Paul II and Women: The View from the Back of the Bus

The pope has accomplished many great things. But his record on issues that touch women's lives is dismal, indeed destructive.

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A May Bouquet

Short reviews of new books on Jewish lovers, Mormons, contraception and more, from Publishers Weekly

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Ending Fecundism: An Open Letter to the Pope

A scholar asks the Pope to reconsider the Vatican's position on population issues in light of Buddhist ethics.

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Vatican Attacks U.N. Policy on 'Reproductive Health' Among Refugees

Vatican claims U.N. agencies endorse abortion, sterilization and contraception in refugee camps.

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The Catholic Abortion Paradox

Why are Catholic women in the U.S. more likely to have an abortion than their Protestant counterparts?

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