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Connecting with Your Spirit

The key to unlocking your full potential is to 'call a conference' with your inner guidance.

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How to Conference with Your Spirit

Do you have time for everyone but yourself? Try these seven tips for cultivating your inner spiritual practice.

Related Topics: Mindful Meditation Practice, Conference, Essential, Inner Spiritual Practice, Formal Sitting Meditation, Essential Spirit Means, Spirit, Essential Spirit, Soul Purpose


The Power of Muslim Women

The most influential Muslim women from around the world hashed out the problems of the Muslim world. Now comes the solutions.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Muslim, Conference, Crime, Conference Participants, Spirituality, Women President, Womens Shura Council, Council, Practical Spirituality, World


Harnessing the Future of Islam

For Daisy Khan, gathering young Muslim leaders was more than a meeting of intellect. It was a crucial step in taking back Islam.

Related Topics: Faiths, Favorite Prayer, Muslims, Conference, World, Islam, Religious Community, Religious Leaders, Conference Participants, Shared Concerns, Community


Are You Lohasian?

The new New Agers are all about spiritual ritual, the environment, health, sustainability, and style

Related Topics: Lohasian, Conference, Holistic Living, Spiritual, Conference Vendor Room, Biodynamic Organic Wines, Organic Body Lotion, Energy Healing, Popular Alternative Spirituality Book, Lohasians


The Lohasian* Evolution

The 'crunchy' demographic comes of age at the eco, sustainable, and spiritual 2006 LOHAS conference.

Related Topics: Alternative Health Care Clinics, Conference, Eating Organic, Business, Holistic Living, Company, Conferences Marketplace Room, LOHAS, Mdash, Building, Health Care


A House Divided: Where Are the U.S. Bishops Heading?

As the abuse scandal continues, Catholic bishops will be judged by their worst member. Can they overcome their divisions?

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Bishop, Hierarchy, Sexual Abuse, Bishops Conference, Sexual Abuse Policy, Abuse, Fellow Bishops, Conference, Worst Member, Particular Dioceses Crises


My Merry Muslim Christmas

Muslims love Jesus. But Christmas Day is so boring.

Related Topics: Faiths, Muslims, Conference, Muslim, Pretty Boring Day, Islam, Cousins, Christmas, Television Commercial, Love Jesus, Merry Muslim Christmas, Jesus


Catholic Leaders Reject Criticism

Leaders of Roman Catholic religious orders said they could keep young people safe from sexually abusive priests

Related Topics: Faiths, Conference, Priests, Religious Communities, Roman Catholic Religious Orders, Religious, Young People Safe, Orders, Abusive Priests, Religious Orders, Catholic, Conference Executive Director

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