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5 Steps to Stop Bullying

Author and expert, Maureen Healy, shares 5 Steps to Stop bullying in case you ever discover your child is being bullied.

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How to Bully Proof Your Child

Bullying is an ongoing issue that most children will have to deal with at some point. Parents, here are some ways you can help your child be bully proof.

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10 Parenting Tips to Respond To a Bully

What can you do to psychologically respond to the growing problem of web meanness? Part of the help is preventing a bully from ever developing.

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Standing Up Exclusive Clip

Exclusive footage from Standing Up, starring Radha Mitchell and Val Kilmer, in theaters August 16th.

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Words Can Hurt You: Ways Bullying Can Affect Children

Unfortunately bullying can affect children in several different areas - here are the elements to be concerned with.

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Fighting Back

In his book The Way of the Fight, UFC athlete Georges St Pierre talks about being bullied and how it helped him become a stronger man.

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Why did “anti-bullying” youth convention speaker bully Christian teens?

The ironies are incredible. Anti-bullying role model Dan Savage ridicules the Bible, then humiliates Christian kids walking out of his keynote address at a national youth journalism symposium

Related Topics: Dan Savage Speech, Persecution Of Christians, Bullying

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The Effects of Bullying

You can take a stand against bullying in schools by knowing the signs, the effects and the steps to take that keep kids safe.

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Bullies in the Workplace

Adults can be bullies too, and their behavior has costly economic and personal consequences. How to spot workplace bullying -- and what you can do about it.

Related Topics: Work And Depression, Coworkers, Bullying, Anger Critics

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