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Beliefnet's Buddhism section covers everything from the Buddha's core teachings to new Buddhism religion books to offerings from great contemporary Buddhist teachers like the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, Pema Chodron, Lama Surya Das, and Sharon Salzberg. The Buddhism page also features videos, Buddhist meditation, Buddhist artwork, interviews with Buddhists, and offers ways for Buddhists to find and debate each other or ask questions about being Buddhist on our Community.

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Buddhist Community provides discussions, groups, journals and user-generated content for members interested in meditation, enlightenment, and the Buddha.

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natalie portman


Surprisingly Religious Movie and TV Stars

Find out who believes what in this fun gallery! We promise that you will be surprised!

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Noah Levine


The Badass Buddhist by Amanda Lauren

Noah Levine, son of renowned mediation and Dharma teacher Stephen Levine, is quite a sight, covered in tattoos with a shaved and a uniform of punk rock t-shirts. He looks like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with. But if you’re stuck in your own emotional, mental or spiritual dark alley, Noah is the guy to help you.

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5 Reasons Americans Need Buddhism

Buddhism offers sound approaches to the most intractable challenges facing American society today.

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Free Your Mind by Seeing "Free the Mind"

The brain’s first job is to protect us from danger. Sometimes it gets overloaded and fear takes up residence in our bodies. Trauma afflicts and limits. How can we understand these phenomena? How can we free ourselves from the negative effects of trauma? These questions are explored in the new film, “Free the Mind” by acclaimed Danish filmmaker, Phie Ambo.

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Lama Marut


Lama Marut: Five Life Lessons from a Spiritual Renegade

The Buddhist monk shares Buddhist wisdom on relationships, forgiveness and how to be radically content.

Related Topics: Buddhist Monk, Buddhist, Buddhism, Video, Happiness, Relationships, Contentment


What Is a Soulmate?

Is your relationship a spiritual connection? Read these practical definitions and see if you're soulmate material.

Related Topics: Soulmate, Soulmates, Buddhism, Buddhist, Buddhism Advice, Relationships, Relationship, Faith

Pink Lotus


Lessons from the Monk I Married

An excerpt from the inspiring book by Katherine Jenkins about an ordinary girl who fell in love with a Buddhist Monk.

Related Topics: Buddhist, Buddhist Monk, Marriage, Relationship

21 Ways to Be More Confident


How to Be Happy

Three main ingredients make us happy no matter whether our life circumstances are favourable or not.

Related Topics: Buddhism, Buddhist, Happiness, Happy, Contentment

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