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Illness and Recovery


Breaking Through to the Blessed Life

Do not wait until you reach heaven to see the gifts you have been given here on earth. Right now, God wants you to have a taste of what awaits.

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Be Blessed, Not Just Lucky!

The Bible tells us the secrets to “the good life,” if we will just slow down and listen.

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Atheists use "unholy water" to ceremonially defile highway

Christian groups had anointed the roadway, asking blessings on those who travel it and for God to protect the community from drug smugglers

Related Topics: Atheist, Atheism, Blessing, Christian

Perfect Prescription:  Mayo Clinic and Operation Blessing Partner to Reach the  Underserved


Perfect Prescription: Mayo Clinic and Operation Blessing Partner to Reach the Underserved

Neither were the 450 others who came to the Operation Blessing clinic that day hoping to get medical treatment for problems that ranged from colds and arthritis to parasites and respiratory infections. But world-class treatment was exactly what they got thanks to a team of 7 doctors from the Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic who came to El Salvador as part of a pilot project for the Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine Program in Underserved Global Health .

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Extreme Blessing: The Full Story


Extreme Blessing: The Full Story

When Hurricane Ike swept across the southeast coast of Texas, it sent a surge of water that flooded homes in Bridge City and Orange City, Texas. Operation Blessing quickly went into action, helping with the recovery and cleanup process. Two deserving families were chosen to receive an Extreme Blessing Makeover, where their homes were gutted and completely transformed in just two weeks.

Related Topics: Studs, Humanitarian, Home, Operation Blessing, Mold, Remove, Drywall, Gusts, Aid, Storm, Hurricane, Operation, Help, Blessing, Landscaping, Construction, CROSSBRIDGE, Sheet Rock, Rebuild, Gut, Painting, Strong, Start, Makeover, Winds, Hope

Michael W. Smith


Michael W. Smith on Simple Blessings

The contemporary Christian music star discusses his new book and the power of prayer.

Related Topics: Michael W. Smith, Pray, Bless, Blessing, Book, Jim Caviezel, Catholic, Music, Christian, Christianity, CCM, CCM Music, Entertainment

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