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Godwinks: Hillary and Bill

Meet the 'other' Bill and Hill and listen to a Godwinks story that will make you believe in true love!

Related Topics: Bill, Hillarys, Friend, Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, Apartment Building, Puzzle, Dining Room Table, Parents, Godwinks, Jigsaw Puzzle


Christmas Morning in the Pasture

When our beloved dog disappeared on Christmas Eve, my husband and I never thought Jackson would be saved by spectacular angels.

Related Topics: Stuffed Lamb, Bill, Angel Stories, Pasture, Horses, Crocheted Jingle Ball, Angels, Christmas, Dog, Guardian Angels, Angel Guides, Kitchen Table, Angels On Earth, Jackson, Angel Encounters, Christmas Morning


A Specific Miracle for Christmas

Unemployed during the holidays, I struggled to make ends meet. Praying one night, I heard a voice of encouragement....

Related Topics: Voice, Bill, Divine Entity, Office, Check, Supper Dishes, Angels, Cold Winter Evening, Overdue Phone Bill, Hand, Christmas


Passing Heaven's Road Test

A trucker earns his wings when he helps an elderly couple in the freezing rain.

Related Topics: Bill, Toll Station, Truckers Thanking, Car, Couple, Truck, Truck Drivers, Angels, Drivers Door, Friends Funeral, Drivers


'Flags of Our Fathers' & the Way We War

Clint Eastwood grapples with courage and myth making in this movie about the famous WWII photo and the bloody truth behind it.

Related Topics: Soldiers, Surviving Flag Raisers, Bill, Veterans Day, Fathers Story, Movie, Veteran, Veterans, Photo, Inauthentic War Movies, Memorial Day, Soldier, Funeral Home Director, Entertainment, Real Heroes, War, Navy Corpsman


'Torture Is Not Who We Are'

As Muslim-Americans, we must rise above inhumanity and push for an anti-torture bill.

Related Topics: Faiths, Bill, Spending Bill, Prisoner Abuse, Anti Torture, Islam, Amendment, Prisoner, Defense Spending Bill, Torture, Defense Appropriation Bill, Iraqi Prisoners

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