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N.T. Wright, Surprised by Hope, Bishop N.T. Wright


Biblical Insight With Mr. Wright

Bishop, author, professor, Bible scholar and passionate follower of Christ, N.T. Wright shares his wisdom and insight for Christian living.

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Answering the “So what?” Question

God urges us to apply his Word, but too often we stop at accumulating Bible knowledge. Join us as we explore the Bible with these five passages and think more about what God is communicating to us through his Word.

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mary and halo


5 Lessons from Unnamed Women in the Gospels

Several women are named in the gospels.

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His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado


Life Changing Prayers of the Bible

Don’t give up and let Jesus be your peace.

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Encouraging Quotes to Persevere in Prayer

Persevere today in prayer with uplifting scriptures and quotes.

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Cooky Cutter Love Never Fails


6 Signs Of The End Times

Author Jeff Kinley, looks at Bible prophecy coming to pass in current times in his book "As It Was In The Days Of Noah."

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Illness and Recovery


Reading The Bible Makes Me Fall Asleep…Five Tips To Help Stay Awake

If you’ve ever said, “I can’t read the Bible for 20 minutes without falling asleep,” don’t feel down about yourself or question your dedication to God. There are no rules for reading the Bible, and those who make them are more concerned about the profit they receive than they are about building you up in your relationship with God. Be encouraged. Your heart is in the right place, let these five tips help you…

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Dad and Son


10 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Jesus

Want to get your child more excited about Jesus? Here are 10 ways we promise won’t disappoint.

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Christian practical tips, discipleship, how to make disciples, quiet time with God


8 Ways To Find Hope When Life Hurts

Why is life so messy, why is pain a part of it? The Psalmist reminds us that God is close the broken hearted. Learn from these Bible characters as they teach us 8 ways to find hope when life hurts…

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Do You Live in the Most Wicked City in America?

Which metropolitan area won that distinction? Las Vegas? New York City? You will be surprised!

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