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natural ways to prevent aging


Get Your Beauty Fix with Spices

You heard how spices are good for your general health, but they’re great for your skin as well!

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How to Savor Life

Savoring life is an everyday art that is not only possible, but can be mastered. It sounds simple, yet many people with jam-packed schedules and a too-full to-do list find that they may not really be loving life the way they could. You may not have an hour to meditate every day, but there are simple ways to savor life and enjoy the moment you’re in right now.

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Tips for Great Hair on Humid Days

Read 4 tips to control hair on humid days!

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Fragile plant seedling


Health Benefits of Kale

Today, kale is being studied by researchers for anti-cancer properties, omega-3 content, and the ability to support the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol.

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Ribbon of People


Finding Beauty Everyday: Quotes that Inspire You to Overcome

Breast cancer is a life changing obstacle that can make finding beauty in oneself difficult. Women are strong and can overcome anything. Inspiring quotes let those who have suffered or are suffering know that they are not alone.

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short prayers


Picture This: Short Prayers of Grace and Beauty

Picture this - short prayers that are lovely to look at and inspiring to pray with. Enjoy these 10 short prayers of grace and beauty and watch your spirit soar.

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yellowstone, wyoming, 20 Most Beautiful Places


20 Most Beautiful Places in the World

These twenty amazing places around the world remind us how carefully and lovingly God created our beautiful planet. Browse these incredible destinations to feel inspired and renewed.

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A woman sitting on a green grass field, looking up into a clear blue sky.


Exploring the Many Uses of Vinegar

Whoever said, “You can attract more flies with honey than you can with vinegar” obviously didn’t know what we know today about the multi-faceted properties of a simple product like vinegar. From nutrition to medicinal and household uses, the uses of vinegar are virtually limitless.

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Your Original Angel Art Transformation Angel by Rosemary Babikan


Talking With Angels: Message On Beauty

Lisa Owens discusses beauty and how it is what you make it.

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Biblical Beauty Secrets

Does the Bible really contain hidden “beauty secrets” that are useful to today’s women? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” says Rachelle Weisberger, author of Biblical Beauty

Related Topics: Beauty, Bible, Faith, Love And Family

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