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5 Atheist Arguments You Can Beat

Are you proud of your faith but unsure exactly how to respond when people criticize it? Here are five common arguments against Christianity and ways to respond with confidence.

Related Topics: Christainity, Faith, Atheist

de botton book cover


Religion in the Eyes of an Atheist

Here is an exclusive look into Botton's atheistic beliefs through his eyes and how he perceives key situations of life.

Related Topics: Atheist, Atheism, Faith


Should You Argue With Atheists?

"If genuine belief isn’t usually caused by argument," asks Mitch Stokes, author of A Shot of Faith (to the Head): Be a Confident Believer in an Age of Cranky Atheists, "should believers bother debating religion with atheists?"

Related Topics: Atheist, Apologetics


My Questions About Atheist Churches

The rise of "atheist churches" is an oxymoronic fact in our culture.

Related Topics: Church, Atheist, Faith


Who Should Be Allowed to Pray for President Obama?

It seems preposterous, but there’s a major debate over who is worthy to invoke the presence and blessing of the Almighty on the leaders of this land we love!

Related Topics: Faith, News, Inauguration, Barack Obama, Rick Warren, Louie Giglio, Joseph Lowery, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Atheist


How Francis Saw the Light

From his book, 'Divine Alignment', author SQuire Rushnell shares how a scientist opened his mind to the existence of God.

Related Topics: Science, God, Faith, Squire Rushnell, Faith And Science, Atheist, Atheism, Jesus, Jesus Christ


Religious News Service accepts funds to provide more atheist articles

As RNS admits taking money, is there any conflict of interest? Ethical questions? Should an "impartial" news agency provide additional coverage in exchange for much-needed cash?

Related Topics: Religious News Coverage, Atheist, Atheism


Should we start taking our guns with us to church?

The Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute cite 600 recent hostile attacks on people of faith. A black news service asks if worshipers need to arm themselves. And Wisconsin Sikhs mourn their dead.

Related Topics: American Legion, News, Politics, Atheist, Military Association Of Atheists And Freethinkers, Family Research Council Action, Southern Baptist Convention, National Council Of Churches


Atheist blogger stuns with news: she's now a Catholic

Former scoffer says she's found the answer to a lot of nagging questions

Related Topics: Atheist, Catholic


Will Congress Save Our Soldiers' Right to Pray?

Is a bureaucratic war underway -- attempting to purge America’s military of anyone who dares to stand by their Christian faith?

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Love, Good News, Opportunity, Education, Military, Soldier On, Religious Persecution, Persecution, Persecuted Christians, Discrimination, Atheist

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